The challenge of any person declaring themselves as 'a painter' is to humbly try to recreate the wheel.  We as a society are bombarded with imagery, and I have been around long enough to see the advance of the digital age upon the art world, where images can be created on a computer, thus taking away the magic of rudimentary creation for those of us that aspire to that idiom.  What I love about painting is not necessarily creating something recognizable, but rather making something that inspires an emotion, a memory or a sense of place. 

Personally, I know what I can create in regards to something that looks recognizable; I am not challenged to draw a face or paint a familiar image, but I am challenged, by using only recycled 'tools' such as strips of cardboard or unused business cards and bits of paper, and paint, to make something visually appealing and interesting. 

My latest series, “Circles & Words” explores the link between painting and poetry, and the power of a written word against a visual backdrop.

By incorporating poetry, or just words, onto a canvas, the painting has the ability to become a personal narrative - a word can mean so many different things, depending on the viewer, and creates a much more intimate viewing experience as the viewer assumes their interpretation of the words with the visual image.