Sean Hennessey

Arlos' is pleased to show the art glass of Sean Hennessey.  We had a show for him in Santa Fe (when we were The William&Joseph Gallery").  The show was titled, "Kiss My Glass" - a nod to the irreverent whimsy captured in Sean's work.  He takes everyday objects, like light bulbs and cassette tapes, and creates exquisite cast glass sculptures of these objects.  His talent and his modern narrative are an exciting addition to the glass art community.  

His sculptures in glass, concrete, found objects, paint, steel, light and video that are playful narratives based on mythologies, religions, science, fiction, and personal experiences. By using imagery of common and slightly nostalgic items he tells stories of hopes and dreams, and of memories and transformations. His pieces are interpretations and psychological landscapes of the unseen forces in our lives—being judged by others and ourselves, finding inspiration and will, and dealing with obstacles that may hold us back.

Tattered and stained. Covered and encrusted. Yet the glass, our humanity, and the narratives of our lives still shine through.