Bradley Bowers is an American artist living in St. Louis, Missouri. He uses many mediums, to bring beauty to otherwise harsh or non-refined scenes and scenarios, lending a sense of irony and intrigue to his work. His resume includes sculptor, painter, furniture maker, poet and author.

Bowers is best known for his highly decorated vessels and paintings made through a multi-step process of sculpting, painting, glazing and finally adding such details as hammered copper or other elements. These extremely visual pieces include original poetry and painted scenes depicting a moment in time that demands close examination and reflection. Bowers most recent vessels show a refinement in painting and sculpting skills gained through continued success and inspiration for his work. “Over the past ten years, I’ve worked with several different mediums, worked an assortment of odd jobs to pay the bills, and have read written a lot, to find that what was once a passion is now a way of life,” says Bowers. “I like to tell stories and reference various artist and styles such as Blake and Magritte, American folk art, Mexican retalbo paintings, contemporary graphic artist, the German expressionist, Thomas Hart Benton, W.P.A. artist project and Rothko. Inspiration comes from life experiences, mine and others, research and reflection. I hope to create statements that can be interpreted both as personal and universal.”

Bowers holds degrees in Fine Arts Theatre and Communications from St. Louis University.  He also holds a certificate in Scientific Russian Translation.  He has worked in film, architectural design, and construction.  He has been exhibited in S.O.F.A. Chicago twice (Sculpture, Objects, Functional Art) and featured in American Style magazine and the Santa Fe New Mexican.  His published book, “Head Injuries” is available through the gallery.